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Quest Controls

cSyS now represents Quest Controls

Company Description

Quest Controls, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a complete family of monitoring, control, and test solutions for the telecommunications, cable, utilities, and commercial industries. Product offerings include hardware and enterprise-class software that provides remote visibility of a site’s operating condition. The TELSEC® product family, RSC 1000™ and OspreyFMS®, provide actionable alarming, monitoring, control, and test of a facility’s critical operating environment and equipment to maintain and ensure smooth and continuous operation.  Quest Controls, Inc. also provides installation services as well as 24/7 monitoring and service contracts.

Benefits of Using Quest Products

  • Eliminate downtime by acting as an Early Warning System
  • Reduce visits to Remote Sites
  • Simple to install & program
  • Can be configured through a web browser or upload a config file
  • Real time view of your facility and critical equipment
  • Low-cost solution for remote monitoring of your critical facilities


Telecommunication / Cable & Broadband / Data Centers / Edge Computing / Utilities / Hospitals

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emergency lighting inverter

cSyS represents OnLine Power

OnLine Power

cSyS now represents OnLine Power

cSyS now represents OnLine Power. For Emergency Lighting, Computer Room, Production Facility, Testing Lab, Telecommunications, Industrial, and Commercial Buildings. Products Manufacture earned our ISO 9001 certification and have continued to maintain is status as an ISO 9001 Certified Company for 25 years.

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E&I Engineering Switchgear

E+I Engineering

cSyS adds E+I Engineering manufacture to it’s product line card . E+I delivers a range of flexible and economic switchgear solutions. From final distribution LV products to bespoke MV schemes, the extensive range of type tested switchgear is custom built to meet each client’s requirements.

E+I Engineering LV Switchgear

E+I Engineering’s UL891 switchboard is a fully customizable solution designed to improve efficiency, enhance safety and save space.  All solutions are custom built using a modular design that can be configured to suit project requirements. In house metalwork fabrication and paintwork facilities ensure that E+I Engineering can deliver a high quality and efficient solution for any specification.

Switchboards are engineered using our proven IEC 60349-1 technology for enhanced safety and has been fully tested and certified to comply with UL891 standards.

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EM Energy Solutions AVE

Arc Flash Mitigation

WHAT IS automatic voltage equalization

Permanently Prevents Arc Flash Injuries & Fatalities!

The EM Energy Solutions AVE is the world’s only energy-saving, energy-efficient, future-proof, harmonic noise eliminating, ground fault/arc flash preventing, lightning arresting, EMP mitigating, voltage stabilizing system. If AVE isn’t already installed where you work, ask your manager: Why not?

The patented AVE applies instant corrections to any phase that is out of balance, and protects against power surges of any magnitude in all power systems up to 2300KV.

With 15 years of continuous, fault-free operation in numerous applications, EM Energy Solutions proudly presents the following offer (U.S. only): If it is determined that the AVE has not solved the power quality problems you’ve described to us, simply return the unit within 30 days, and we will cancel the invoice, minus the round trip freight charges.


EM Energy Solutions AVE
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Manufacturers Representatives

Mitsubishi-Uninterruptible Power Systems

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