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10MW Crypto Data Center Build

A cSyS designed CDC to mine for currency

One of a kind crypto currency data center called Mine Shaft One to be built using the latest technologies to reduce power consumption, carbon footprint and noise.

This technological advanced design uses low speed ventilation systems and 100% outside air to keep the miners on. Mine Shaft One also employs a heat to power storage system that produces power using the high heat from the miners. This innovative system can provide power and store power to be used later.

To learn more about this and other cSyS innovations contact cSyS.

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Mitsubishi UPS

An Edge Data Center with a PUE of 1.07-1.12

Lowest TCO Edge Data Center

increase your profits

cSyS new cutting Edge Data Center design

Cutting Edge data centers with a calculated PUE of 1.07 to 1.12.  This new design uses the latest technologies and design to obtain these very low PUE's. The cSyS design provides high reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

cSyS guarantees the Edge data center PUE in writing.  Simply stated,  your data center will accomplish a 1.07-1.12 PUE during the year. This measurement will have set point parameters and be monitored. If we do not hit the advertised PUE we will refund the difference between actual PUE and calculated PUE for the cost of one year!

Terms and conditions apply.

A refund has never been issued.

because we alway hit our calculated PUE!

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