EM Energy Solutions AVE

Arc Flash Mitigation

WHAT IS automatic voltage equalization

Permanently Prevents Arc Flash Injuries & Fatalities!

The EM Energy Solutions AVE is the world’s only energy-saving, energy-efficient, future-proof, harmonic noise eliminating, ground fault/arc flash preventing, lightning arresting, EMP mitigating, voltage stabilizing system. If AVE isn’t already installed where you work, ask your manager: Why not?

The patented AVE applies instant corrections to any phase that is out of balance, and protects against power surges of any magnitude in all power systems up to 2300KV.

With 15 years of continuous, fault-free operation in numerous applications, EM Energy Solutions proudly presents the following offer (U.S. only): If it is determined that the AVE has not solved the power quality problems you’ve described to us, simply return the unit within 30 days, and we will cancel the invoice, minus the round trip freight charges.


EM Energy Solutions AVE
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