Mitsubishi UPS Systems

cSyS specializes in providing the highest reliable products on the market, like Mitsubishi UPS systems with their 96%-99% efficiency with has little as 20% load.

Alfa Laval LSV Cooling Systems

Alfa Lava is on to a new way of cooling your data center. Whether your objective is to reduce cost, maximize up-time, or improve operational efficiency, Alfa Lava has a solution for you.

Chillmann Data Center in a rack

Chillmann provides data center owners with flexibility. Grow your Data Center one rack at a time, up to 30kW per rack of cooling.

Total Protection Systems

A Total Protection System will save more money per dollar invested on a permanent basis than ANY other electrical systems savings investment (ROI).

Applied Energy

The VSGR is the world’s only energy-saving, energy-efficient, future-proof, harmonic noise eliminating, ground fault/arc flash preventing, lightning arresting, EMP mitigating, voltage stabilizing system

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