Hybrid/ Micro Data Center




What is a Hybrid data center ?

A Hybrid/ Micro Data Center is an on premise data center that is always connected to cloud services for computing power or storage. The on premise and cloud data centers work together has one unit even though they are not in the same building or country.

The heart of the hybrid data center is connection!

A hybrid can be as small as one rack but, that rack is so important to the companies operations that it is treated like a data center. Power, cooling, security, fire suppression  and backup services all support this connection in a micro tier design.

Connection is the heart of a Hybrid Data Center

Wilton NY

Pet Partners Hybrid micro data center is designed around connection. With dual pathways of connection to the outside world. Pet partner provides services between cloud and on premise

Albany NY

Precision Co. Hybrid data center is just connection. A 25,000 sqft building with no connection to world beside old telephone lines and a massive build out cost to get high speed to this building. We solved the issue of connection using satellite Internet connection and the existing phone lines to provide high speed dual connection.