Edge Data Centers



cSyS's innovative edge data center models support our customer’s content delivery services at the edge of the network. These uniquely engineered Data Centers are deployed in conjunction with our customers requirements to ensure the most efficient placement of their content delivery infrastructure. cSyS is trusted by the world’s leading and most influential ILEC, cable and content providers to deliver their data.

Ensuring that data is delivered faster than ever before

All digital content is the new medium, and access to content everywhere, on any device, is the new norm. cSyS- Critical Systems solves content delivery challenges in any market, and drives business success even as digital content grows.


Our Edge Data Center Designs come with a guarantee to reach an actual PUE of 1.07 to 1.12. 

Edge Data Centers are the future factories through out the world. cSyS designs makes sure there is a world for all of us to enjoy. We believe in cost effective, sustainable designs and implementations. More of these factories of the future will be built and there is NO reason to not make them "green". 


What is an Edge Data Center?

Cloud sends content to the Edge which delivers it faster to you!

An edge data center shortens the distance between you and the content you want.