Crypto Currency Data Centers

Return on your investment! Reduce your electric power consumption! 

cSyS's innovative Crypto Currency Data Centers support the high speed crushing of code to mine bitcoins. These uniquely engineered Data Centers are deployed in areas with a lower temperature climate and lower electrical delivery rates and charges.

Lower your electric bill with heat to power conversion

cSyS- innovative designs takes the heat from the miners and converts it to power which feeds the power back into the distribution system.

Reduce your Fan speed

cSyS- innovative designs combines outside air with a Low Speed Ventilation system to provide low noise, high efficient and low cost solutions to cooling.

415/ 240 VAC Power systems

cSyS- innovative 415/240 VAC PDU designs for maximum power output in a safe environment. The designs reduce the ARC Flash potential with the help of Siemens Industry Inc.

Ensuring that your Miners are always working.

All digital currency require transactions. We make sure our design supports the collection of transactions and the fees associated for profitability.

Our Crypto Currency Data Centers Designs come with a guarantee to reduce your electrical consumption!

Crypto Currency Data Centers are the future factories through out the world. cSyS designs makes sure there is a world for all of us to enjoy. We believe in cost effective, sustainable designs and implementations. More of these factories of the future will be built and there is NO reason to not make them affordable and "green".

What is a BitCoin Data Center?

Transactions.. Transactions.. Transactions..