Cloud Data Centers

What is a cloud data center?

The answer is not easy to state but for CSYS we believe a cloud data center is a building that houses software defined data centers, software as a services, application as a service, etc. These data centers are large hyper scale in size and require large power and cooling requirements. Built in building blocks of power and cooling these data centers can be as large as 80 megawatts but as small as 2-10 megawatts. This is where CSYS builds the most energy efficient, highly reliable, technological advanced "CLOUDS" in the US.

Critical Systems builds Cloud Data Centers in 2-5-10 or 20  megawatt blocks, our power designs have an efficiency of 96 to 98% from 10% to 100% load. Our cooling system design provides unsurpassed efficiency without giving up reliability.

Why try to cool it down when you can simply release?

Closed LSV Design

This design uses closed LSV as the primary cooling for this Cloud Data Center. The system slowly pushes air into the data center in this large volume, low pressure design. This design eliminates ALL hot spots and can provide a PUE of 1.12-1.07.

Open LSV Design

An open LSV system circulates the inside air and pulls cold air from the outside when appropriate. The use of cold outside air allows the mechanical systems to turn off in this free cooling mode. This model above produces a PUE of 1.07-1.09 and the data center has ZERO hot spots.