cSyS designs four different, highly reliable and energy efficient data centers. 

Hybrid/ Micro Data Center

A Hybrid/ Micro Data Center is an on premise data center that is always connected to cloud services for computing power or storage. The on premise and cloud data centers work together has one unit even though they are not in the same building or country. The heart of the hybrid data center is connection! A hybrid can be as small as one rack but, that rack is so important to the companies operations that it is treated like a data center. Power, cooling, security, fire suppression  and backup services all support this connection in a micro tier design.

Colocation Data Centers

Colocation Data centers are buildings design to support a clients IT infrastructure. The client “rents” space or rack space and the colocation owner provides a guarantee that the systems will stay on. CSYS designs and builds colocation data centers with the understanding that every rack counts as revenue. Critical System’s innovative colo data center designs support our customer’s ability to sell rack space. These Data Centers are designed with the latest standards with a focus on total cost of ownership. Our designs have won many awards and include Energy Star ratings and the lowest PUE ever recorded in a data center.

Reliable, Efficient and Affordable … A simple economical design allows for ease of operation, growth and flexibility.

Edge Data Centers

cSyS- Critical System’s innovative edge data center models support our customer’s content delivery services and IoE devices at the edge of the network. These purposely built, Data Centers are designed and deployed in conjunction with our customers to ensure the most efficient placement of their content delivery infrastructure. cSyS- Critical Systems is trusted by the world’s leading and most influential ILEC, cable and content providers to deliver their data.

Ensuring that data is delivered faster than ever before.

All digital content is the new medium, and access to content everywhere, on any device, is the new norm. Critical Systems solves content delivery challenges in  any market, and drives business success even as digital content grows.  An edge data center shortens the distance between you and the content you want.

Cloud/ Hyperscale Data Centers

What is a cloud data center?  The answer is not easy to state but for CSYS we believe a cloud data center is a building that houses software defined data centers, software as a services, application as a service, etc. These data centers are large, hyper-scale in size and require large power and cooling requirements. Built in building blocks of power and cooling these data centers can be as large as 80 megawatts but as small as 2-10 megawatts. This is where CSYS builds the most energy efficient, highly reliable, technological advanced “CLOUDS” in the US.